Rosemary Falcones

Student Intern

Angela Ford


Latoya Hubbard

Director of Operations

Patrice Klein

School Nurse

Laura Nivia

Office Coordinator

John Scalice


Jean Tuzzio


Briana Baker

Briana Baker

Office Coordinator

Christopher Pellegrino

Head of High School

Denise Linares

Head of Middle School

Ayanna Charles

Student Recruitment and Family Engagement Coordinator

Heather Chila

Heather Chila

6th & 10th Grade Social Studies

Angela Ford

6th Grade ELA Teacher

Michael Little

Operations Manager-Facilities

Jessica Ramos-Mouning

Operations Manager

Cindy Romero

High School Office Coordinator

Jeanie Tuzzio

10th Grade ELA Teacher

Stefanie Vargas

AmeriCorps Compliance and Operations Manager

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